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Anglo Language Center

Anglo Language Center is an English training institute which stands for the upliftment of student's language competence and interpersonal skills,which have become an inevitable part of this competitive world.

We have been here with global language since 2005 and more than 25000 students got trained through an offline workshop. Getting familiar with the English language has become an urge, as it has an essential role in day to day life. However, the importance of English doesn't end in the workplace. .

Students have to prove their English proficiency in tests (E.g. IELTS, OET, PTE etc.), if they plan to pursue either studies or employment in an English speaking country. Anglo offers you a cemented platform where you have the chance to break your comfort zone as it is believed by many that shyness and fear of mistakes are the roadblocks when it comes into the matter of mastering a new language like English. Right qualification with a good command of English assures a stabilised career in the years to come. Let's work together to have a bright career, where people start believing that the distance between dreams and results has been shortened.



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We care for you, and prepare you for the future.